Warranty Policy


Thanks for choosing RunCore SSD.

The warranty period will immediately take effect on the day of purchasing RunCore SSD. Please be aware that the warranty policy will only be applicable to those products that experienced failure when operated based on the recommended specifications and guidelines. Please refer to the table below for different warranty services.


Warranty map ( Ex. Glory Series ):



① Replacement meaning is only applicable on the first x years according to the product series.      

> If the problem is related only to the firmware, either by upgrading the firmware or redownload the firmware; or no any change/repair being done on the hardware, Runcore will return the same drive to the customer.      

> If the problem needs to replace any components, we will let the customer/user to decide if he/she needs the same drive or a replacement. Any components to be replaced is free of charge. 

② Repair / Service meaning is free within 5 years.      

> Within 5 years, we offer free of charge for the repair or any services but if there is a need of materials to be replaced, the customer will be charged with the same amount of the material cost after the replacement period, and a receipt or invoice will be provided as a proof.


(1) Please backup the original data inthe products before it will be returned for RMA service.  RunCore is not responsible for customer's data or the loss of data. 

(2) RunCore reserves the right to use substitute part should the original parts are no longer available. 

(3) The replacement product is subject to availability. Replacement products will have the same part number as the part received, unless prior authorization is obtained to substitute another part number.  

(4) Severe damage on the product’s appearance (such as fracture, plates burred, flooded, PCB’S pads off, etc.), RunCore will charge material cost for damaged parts. 

(5) Within the RMA period, should you, the customer, choose to upgrade to an alternative product of RunCore, you may be responsible for paying the difference in monetary value.

Things that customer need to be aware:

(1) Please backup the original data in the products before it will be sent for RMA service. RunCore is not responsible for customer's data or the loss of data.     

(2) RunCore reserves the right to use substitute part should the original parts are no longer available.     

(3) The replacement product is subject to availability. Replacement of SSD will have the same part number as the part received, unless prior authorization is obtained to substitute another part number.      

(4) Severe damage on the product’s appearance (such as broken case, plates burned, etc.), RunCore will use the same material after repair or for replacement.      

(5) RunCore also offers Upgrade, if the customer wants to upgrade the product as long as it is under warranty (Replacement Period), but customer needs to pay the price difference.  

Limited Warranty: 

Any mishandling or operation beyond the said specifications and guidelines, warranty policy will be void. Any damage to the product that result to abnormal operation or fatal that caused by improper installation/testing, environmental conditions, failure to verify the supplied power, usage not in accordance with product instructions, label tampering, repair, alteration, repair, OR  Any product which has been modified it’s original identification markings has been removed, altered or obliterated, or the label or screw on the casing of the product is removed or broken; OR Any product the usage of which has reached its write endurance limit, as measured by the SMART attribute.

Repair Period

Under normal circumstances, RunCore will repair or replace the defective SSD within two weeks from the day of receipt. However, postpone of repair or replacement caused by accessories incomplete or transportation delay, hope you can kindly understand.


(1) Directly contact the reseller you bought from.      

(2) Visit our website http://www.runcore.com/en/index.php for corresponding support.    

(3) Call RunCore Service Hotline +86-731-82566656 or send email to RunCore Tech-support by support@runcore.co for technical problems.service@runcore.co for service problems. For US customers, you can send mail to support@runcore.co. 

Thank you for choosing RunCore and we hope you are greatly satisfied with our products and our professional and courteous support and services. 

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